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Why Olansi Air Purifiers

Want cleaner air in your home? Choose a quality air purifier that works to remove harmful airborne particles like dust, pollen and bacteria, allowing you to breathe healthy, clean air.
1.Air purifier + Ionizer Design (2 in 1)
2.Quality: Top Rated HEPA Filter Produce Clean Air
3.Efficient: Japanese Customized Motor,Quiet, Save energy
4.Quiet: 18dB~55dB, Won't Bother Your Sleep
5.Air Quality Sensor: From SHINYEI KAISHA (Japan)
6.Small body effect, High CADR Low noise, Multiple powerful purification, Infrared sensor accurate,Wifi Control, Operation humane
7.CE, CB, CQC, 3C, Rohs, ERP, SGS Approval

OEM Air Purifier

30+ years of manufacturing experience comes from China's high-quality ODM and OEM air purifiers.
smart air purifier
Smart Air Purifiers
Smart air purifiers are easy to use, provide the freshest and most natural air, and remove the strongest allergens. Smart WiFi Air Purifier for Home.
pm1.0 air purifier
PM1.0 Air Purifiers
A PM1.0 air purifier gives you the best protection against finedust. Remember that the smaller the particules are, the more dangerous they are as well.
pm 2.5 air purifier
PM2.5 Air Purifiers
PM2.5 Air Filter for Home Office Travel, USB Personal Air Ionizer Small and Air Cleaner for Smokers, Remove PM2.5, gives you the best protection against finedust.
car air purifier
Car Air Purifiers
 Olansi car air purifiers feature a powerful, efficient and fast-acting air filtration system. USB Car Air Purifier, 3-in-1 High Efficiency HEPA Filter.
destop air purifier
Desktop Air Purifiers
Desktop Air Purifiers For Your Office and Other Small Spaces use HEPA filters, have multiple speed settings, and are small enough to fit on your workspace. 
Humidifier Air Purification
Humidifier Air Purifiers
Humidifiers add moisture to the air and help to prevent dryness that can cause irritation to the body.​​​​​​​ whole house air purifier and humidifier.
Negative Ion Air Purifiers
Negative Ion Air Purifiers
Negative oxygen ion air purifier: it is a kind of environmental optimization electrical appliance that uses the negative ions generated by itself to purify, dust, deodorize and sterilize the air.
small air purifier
Small Air Purifiers
Mini air purifiers remove common household allergens like dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and cigarette smoke. Small portable air purifier for bedroom, office
tvoc air purifier
TVOC Air Purifiers
The best way to reduce the VOCs level from the house is through ventilation and source control. When these options are limited, you can use an air purifier with an active gas and odor control technology.
hepa air purifier
Hepa Air Purifiers
The best air purifier on the market is the air purifier with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. The efficiency of removing particles with diameter less than 0.3 micron is 99.97%.
home air purifier
Home Air Purifiers
To help you breathe safer and healthier at home, Select Olansi air purifiers that will keep your indoor air clean. Whole Home air purifier, can remove dust, odor, pet dander, pollen in the air.
uvc air purifier
UVC Air Purifiers
Ultraviolet air purifier is the use of short wave ultraviolet (UV-C light) to inactivate pathogens and microorganisms in the air, such as mold, bacteria and viruses.

Air Purifier Manufacturer

Olansi provide all kinds of indoor air quality improvement products, 
no matter office, home or vehicle, we have the best solution. 
New generation environmental protection air purification technology, 
professional air purifier, selected by major institutions and organizations


Today, we spend 90% of our time indoors. According to the World Health Organization (who), the pollution level of indoor air is 2-5 times that of outdoor air. This means that even in a closed space, air pollution will cause a huge burden on the human body. Symptoms of hay fever, dust allergy or dust mite allergy can be alleviated by medication or by alternative solutions such as air purifiers.

High quality air for allergic patients

People with allergies, especially poor air quality. But so do children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with heart disease and people with respiratory diseases. Typical symptoms include: fatigue, itchy nose, sneezing, tears in eyes, itchy throat and swelling, cough and wheezing, chest tightness, urticaria, rash and asthma attack.

Physical reactions are usually caused by inhalation of pollen, dust, animal hair, dust mites or other pollutants in the air. These symptoms can be treated by drugs, and there are many ways of treatment: from nasal spray and eye drops to antihistamine or asthma spray.

However, drugs often have side effects, which is why it is recommended - depending on the severity of the allergy - to use home treatments and indoor alternatives, such as air purifiers, to alleviate the problem.

Improve the quality of life

In addition to drug therapy, there are family therapies such as pungent ginger water, vitamin C, saline nasal spray, and homeopathic remedies. For indoor, there is another recommended efficient solution: air purifier. The air purifier is a kind of device for inhaling polluted air, with a filtering system to filter particles, pollen, allergens, odor and volatile organic compounds in the air. Purified air is discharged back into the room. With the Stadler form of air purifier, you can see a lasting improvement in your quality of life and finally start breathing easily.

Advantages of the best purified air

  • A better sense of happiness - removing pollutants from the air, reducing the burden on the human body - leads to a greater sense of happiness in daily life.
  • Fewer allergies - reduced or completely avoided - patients with asthma or allergies can breathe easily.
  • Fresh indoor air - indoor air looks fresher, cleaner and more pleasant to breathe - fresh air for a healthy life.
  • Be active and efficient - reduce signs of fatigue and inattention - improve efficiency at work and in pursuit of hobbies.
  • Odor removal - cooking odors and odors from other sources can be removed quickly and effectively.
  • Free breathing - relief of symptoms of respiratory diseases.

Additional virus protection

The coronavirus pandemic has proved once again that air quality is very important to our health. Viruses like sars-cov-2 attach to particles and stay in the air for a long time. The air purifier can help filter the virus particle package in the air, thus reducing the virus load. It is very important to change the air purifier filter regularly to obtain the best filtration performance. However, air purifiers do not provide 100% virus protection. Common rules such as frequent hand washing or social distance are still mandatory, and masks make sense.


  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Smoke and tobacco
  • Formaldehyde
  • Ozone
  • Dust mites
  • Bad smells
  • Animal hair
  • Dust
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Mold
  • Pollen

4 tips for buying an air purifier

I know the size of your room

Not every device is suitable for any room size, which is why it's important to know the room size your air purifier is going to use. The bigger the room, the more powerful your equipment needs to be. One way to determine how powerful a device is is by observing the Cadr value: This represents the amount of pure air produced. So the larger the room is, the higher the Cadr value is needed. Many manufacturers also indicate the appropriate M2 number.

2 choose your favorite Technology

There are two different types of technology to choose from: high efficiency air filters and electrostatic filters. Although these two filters can filter particles, viruses, pollen, etc. in the air, the difference between them lies in the way they are maintained. HEPA filters need to be replaced regularly, which can be done quickly and easily with little effort. The electrostatic filter itself can be cleaned, which needs to be carried out regularly. As a result, it produces less waste, but it does require some effort.

Three. Do I need an activated carbon filter?

Only activated carbon filter can remove unpleasant smell and gas in the air. The air purifier without activated carbon filter can't remove the unpleasant smell and gas in the air reliably and effectively. The more activated carbon in the filter, the more effectively it can remove the odor and gas in the air. The heavier the activated carbon filter is, the more activated carbon it contains, the more gases and odors it absorbs.

Look at the noise level

Another important indicator is noise level. No one likes noisy equipment, especially if your air purifier is going to be used in the living room or bedroom, it is worth a look at the decibels that will be generated. It is important that the device operates quietly at low settings. The air purifier should be on all the time, because this is the only way to purify the air effectively. So the most important thing is that they operate quietly in a low setting so they won't disturb you or prevent you from getting a good sleep.
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