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Hydrogen Water Maker

Olansi portable hydrogen rich water generator - living energy water is rich in hydrogen, which can remove reactive oxygen species and prevent a variety of diseases.

The hydrogen rich water generator can directly convert any drinking water into hydrogen rich water within 5 minutes. The portable hydrogen rich water machine has a capacity of 500ml. It is easy to use and carry, so that you can drink magic and healthy water anytime and anywhere.

Causes of active oxygen generation

According to the research, 2-5% oxygen can produce superoxide free radicals with strong destructive power after being inhaled by human body. Normal cells are damaged by reactive oxygen species, thus accelerating the aging process.

Characteristics of hydrogen

  • Antioxidants can only scavenge reactive oxygen species produced in cells through cell membrane.

  • It is the smallest element and the only one that can clear the reactive oxygen species produced in the brain through the blood-brain barrier.

  • If you ingest hydrogen water, it will be absorbed by the intestine in one minute, and it takes about 10 minutes to supply hydrogen to cells in all parts of the body.

Olansi portable hydrogen rich water generator

Hydrogen is one of the best natural antioxidants. It neutralizes reactive oxygen species (free radicals) in blood and cells.

The results show that the potential antioxidant capacity of hydrogen rich water from sugawa is - 300 to - 500 MV, i.e. 0 is the medium. The larger the negative value is, the stronger the antioxidant capacity is.

Olansi portable hydrogen rich water maker functions

  • The pH values of raw water (neutral water), purified water (acidic water), bottled water (partially acidic water) and other water were changed to weak alkaline.

  • Turn raw water into an active, small molecule, strong antioxidant.

  • The conventional redox potential of raw water is + 400 mV (by chemical oxidation method). After the mobile unit is activated, its voltage is reduced to about - 300 MV. It has strong antioxidant capacity and helps to remove excess free radicals in the body.

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