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What Is The Best Hepa UVC Air Purifier In India For Covid-19 In 2021 And 2022?

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What Is The Best Hepa UVC Air Purifier In India For Covid-19 In 2021 And 2022?

What Is The Best Hepa UVC Air Purifier In India For Covid-19 In 2021 And 2022?

Given the rising cases of Covid-19 infection in India, many people are beginning to think about the possibility of cleaning the air in their homes and offices. This is one of the reasons why demand for air purifiers have soared very high in recent months. Although a China air purifier is not the answer to Covid-19, it will help ensure you are living healthy. Imagine the possibility or reality of not having to deal with dust or smoke in a space. This is what a China air purifier can offer you today. 

Having seen the benefits of an air purifier, there is no doubt that you are in a hurry to purchase one today. The truth is that many of them cannot meet your needs. You should be dealing with a reliable and trusted air purifier manufacturer before such can happen. Having an assumption that anything can work for you will only lead to waste of money and time. 

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Here is the best thing to do

Are you wondering what is the best air purifier manufacturer in India? There is no need for such as this article will be aiming to help you out today. Its goal is to list out some of the best air purifying devices in India in 2021. Ensure to read the details from beginning to the end in order to choose the one that is perfect for your space. 

Coway AP-1009

Coway is a company with an air purifier factory in Korea. It has always been known for manufacturing some of the best air purifiers. Its Coway AP-1009 is a typical example of such.  Are you thinking about how to get rid of dangerous and harmful particles from your space? In such case, there is no doubting the fact that this air purifying device will prove to be the best. 

This air purifier supplier overdelivers when it comes to meeting expectations. For instance, its air purifier has 3stages of purification – prefilter, activated carbon and HEPA filter. It has 4speed settings that enables you to determine how your space can be cleaned. Below are some of its specifications: 

• 38watts is its power consumption capacity

• Its noise generation is between 22 – 49dB

• Its carbon filter has a lifespan of 8500hours 

• Its HEPA filter has a lifespan of 8500hours

• Clean air delivery rate of 305m2

• And others 


Mi Air Purifier 2S

Mi Air Purifier 2S is a reliable China air purifier that can ensure your air is clean. With this device, you do not have to guess about the quality of air in your space. This is due to its sensor which detects whether your air is clean or not. It comes with some smart features that will make life more comfortable for you. For instance, it can be used alongside your smartphone. It also has voice-assistant technology enabled. One of the most impressive aspects about this device is its ability to have pm particles (0.3) filtered. 

This is device is highly economical and perfect when you have very low budget. There is no need to be worried as it can get the job done without any compromise. Some of its specifications are: 

• 29watts power consumption 

• HEPA filter can last for 6months 

• It has 3stages of filtration 

• It has a CADR or around 310m2

• It can clean a space of 398sqft

• And more


Honeywell Air Touch i8 

This is another reliable and trusted air purifier supplier that you can patronize in India. Its air purifying devices have managed to gain lots of popularity in India over the years. It is a very effective device in the removal of viruses and bacteria. Please note that it can also get rid of VOC, formaldehyde, and bad odor. Such has been made possible via its HiSiv filter. It does not only monitor the quality of air in your space. Also, it can help to display such. This will enable you know when cleaning is required. With its 3D design, air will flow to all areas of your room. 

Below are some of its specifications/features

• Its HEPA filter can last up to 3000 hours

• Its power consumption rate is around 42watts

• Its filters are HiSiv filter, HEPA Filter and pre-filter

• Its noise generation is 38dB and 63dB (minimum and maximum)

• And more

Atlanta Healthcare 350

This is not a China air purifier company. Instead, it is a company that has an air purifier factory in India. Most of the devices for cleaning air that you will come across usually have 3stages of air purification. However, this air purifier supplier has integrated about 7stages into its product. These are prefilter, anti-bacterial filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon, photo catalyst filter, ultra violet, ionizer.

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Given all of these, you can easily tell that this air purifier manufacturer is genuine and reliable. With them, you are guaranteed that every harmful particle will be gotten rid of from your space today. Some of its other features are listed below:

• It is manufactured in India

• CADR rate of 170m2

• Its noise generation is 35dB and 45dB

• Its power consumption capacity is 43watts

• 7stages of filtration processes

• And more

Olansi air purifier 

It does not really matter the model of olansi air purifier you have decided to purchase. This is because all of them come with advanced features to clean your space perfectly. With an Olansi air purifier, you will experience benefits that other regular air purifiers will hardly offer. These devices can deliver far beyond expectations when positioned in any space. With them around, you do not have to bother about smoke, pollens, dust, allergens, and bacteria. This is because they will definitely get rid of all these. For instance, K06 comes with features like:

• Remote control and touchscreen features 

• It can release up to 50million negative ion

• Light sensor and dust sensor 

• 17dB-55dB noise generation capacity

• Can remove up to 99.97% of harmful particles

• 5 stages of filtration processes – prefilter, cold catalyst, carbon filter, antibacterial filter, and HEPA filter

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The above purifiers are the best in India. They are expected to dominate the market for years to come due to their sophisticated features. Therefore, it is recommended you review your needs before choosing one. This will enable you get good value for money spent.For more about the best hepa UVC air purifier in india for Covid-19 in 2021 and 2022,you can pay a visit to Olansi China at https://www.olansichina.com/oem-odm.html for more info.

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