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Hydrogen Water Bottle

Best Hydrogen Water Bottle

We often hear that hydration is the key to healthy skin. Yes, it's true! Drinking enough water every day can help eliminate toxins and prevent all skin problems. With the progress of science and technology, we now know that drinking water containing dissolved hydrogen (H2) has more advantages than ordinary water. Excess hydrogen in water acts as an antioxidant to reduce free radicals in the body. It also helps to reduce inflammation and metabolic related diseases.

Hydrogen water also helps to maintain good intestinal health and promote blood circulation in the body. Because drinking hydrogen containing water has many such benefits, many brands have launched hydrogen containing water bottles. These bottles contain membranes that produce hydrogen in water. People can easily get these hydrogen water bottles. These water bottles can work great for people who want to add moisture and also for those who exercise.

All Olansi hydrogen water bottle generators we offer:

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Why choose Olansi Hydrogen Water Bottle

Our exclusive design is developed from the breakthrough water science discovery and research-based molecular hydrogen discovery.

Using our Australian biomedical engineering background, we have developed a bottle that combines research-based hydrogen concentration, water structure and advanced filtration safety technologies to provide a bottle with unparalleled functionality and design.

Portable USB Charging

Powerful battery life is coupled with the ability to charge in mobile with a USB port or with a power adapter in a wall outlet. This allows you to make hydrogen and water anytime, anywhere.

Structuring Technology 

Our goal is to combine the hydrogen health water bottle filtration system with breakthrough water science and health discoveries. The result is a filtration system that generates 0.06 Ma of bioelectrical current and far infrared rays, which has been proved to be able to organize water into hexagonal shapes and be used by the human body to provide energy for cells. The filter combines ionic minerals with the energy required to form a hexagonal structure.

Within The Cell

Hydrogen is a small and effective antioxidant, which neutralizes harmful free radicals through electrons, thus targeting harmful free radicals in particular. Because hydrogen can enter mitochondria in cells (including brain cells), it can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, leading to cell dysfunction and disease.

Hexagonally Structured

When water molecules are reshaped into hexagonal structure, they show significant molecular coherence. Molecular coherence enhances the natural ability of water to store and transmit information.

At the molecular level, more than 99% of our bodies are water! Water is responsible for the health function, enzyme reaction and many metabolic functions of DNA. It is actually the main carrier of all bioelectrical signals produced by our body. We can compare it to a liquid network that connects us at the cellular level. Water is directly involved in the best function of all our physical and psychological functions. Water is more than water. It is a complex and important structure with unexpected characteristics.

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