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Eight best top household mini ultrasonic ozone fruit and vegetable sterilizer disinfection cleaner machines that are eco friendly

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Eight best top household mini ultrasonic ozone fruit and vegetable sterilizer disinfection cleaner machines that are eco friendly

Eight best top household mini ultrasonic ozone fruit and vegetable sterilizer disinfection cleaner machines that are eco friendly

Fresh vegetables and fruits are a good and healthy way of integrating minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber in your diet. Before consuming fresh vegetables and fruits, it has always been recommended to wash the vegetables and fruits thoroughly with water. This helps to remove bacteria and some chemical residues such as pesticides on the surfaces of these organic foods.

Residual chemicals and pesticides can be harmful to the human brain and also increase the chances of being affected by cancer and other serious health challenges.

However, considering the pandemic (COVID-19), there have been several headlines circulating and encouraging more improved and healthier methods of washing fresh organic foods before eating them. This has made some people to ask if water is just not enough for cleansing and what could be the best fruit and vegetable cleaner machine for disinfecting fresh vegetables and fruits.


This article examines each of the best fruit and vegetable cleaner machine that are eco-friendly and can be used for washing and sanitizing different fresh vegetables and fruits before you can eat them.

1. Sonic Soak Cleaner Machine

Sonic soak cleaner machine, made of stainless steel, is the best fruit and vegetable cleaner machine for your home. It keeps your family safe through the use of ultrasonic technology to remove residues and germs from fruits and vegetables at a frequency of 50,000 Ultrasonic vibrations per second.

It generates modulated ultrasonic waves that cleanse the fruits and vegetables as they travel across the water containing the fruits and vegetables; removing every harmful microscopic organism or residual chemicals on the surface of these organic foods. Sonic Soak cleaner machine is a “multi-functional ultrasonic cleaner”. Just think of anything which fits into a sink or bowl. Food, jewelry, kitchenware, laundry, etc.


• Eco-friendly: It uses 40 times less water and 15 times less energy (50W) when compared to regular washing machines.

• High efficiency: It removes germs, bacteria, and residual chemicals like pesticides at 99.9%-the most efficient cleaning device available.

• Light-weighted and portable: The most portable washing and cleaning machine globally. Travel with it anywhere you want.

• Absolutely quiet: It cleans efficiently with almost no noise.

• Multi-purpose: It can also be used for laundry, kitchen wares, jewelry, toys, personal hygiene items, etc.


• You need a container like a bowl or bucket for it to be used.

Technology used: Ultrasonic Technology

Dimension: 4.13 x 1.38 inches

Power Consumption: 50W

2. O3 Pure Elite 50KT Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner

O3 Pure “Elite” 50KT fruit and vegetable cleaner machine is among the most technologically advanced device (for washing fruits and vegetables) in the market. It makes use of ozone (O3) bubbles to disinfect and sanitize fruits and vegetables. It offers you the satisfaction that comes along with eating healthy and fresh tasting vegetables and fruits, meats, seafood, and poultry.

This device has an inbuilt timer, ozone bubble diffuser plate that excites the ozone bubbles inside the bowl, a grate (suspended) to keep the fruits and vegetables below the surface of the water, and ozone bubble neutralizer-removes ozone from the atmosphere after bubbling through water.


• Food taste: Restores taste and flavor to food

• Freshness: Preserves the freshness of organic foods

• Eco-friendly: it consumes low amount of energy, user-friendly and saves time.

• Appearance: its design is virtually appealing

• Efficiency: It removes harmful chemical residues and pesticides on surfaces of fruits and vegetables

• Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer's warranty


It may be noisy when used

Technology Used: Ozone Technology

Dimension: 14.5 x 12.5 x 13 inches

Power Consumption: 10W

3. Prestige Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner (Ozonizer)-POZ 1.0

This is also one of the best fruit and vegetable cleaner machine that operates using ozone disinfection technology. It cleans and also deodorizes your fruits and vegetables, keeping these organic foods tasty and fresh.

It easy to use and has a timer function (10-30 minutes) that enables you to operate the device with convenience. It can be used also to sanitize meats and other sea foods.


• Efficiency: With ozone disinfection technology, it removes residual chemicals and pesticides on the surfaces of organic foods-fruits and vegetables-without loss of nutritional value. It also generates a high electric voltage that destroys harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms.

• Eco-friendly: It consumes less energy, easy to use and requires zero maintenance.

• Timer functions: it allows you (10-30 minutes) to pre-set the operating time of the device for your convenience.

• Freshness: It keeps organic foods clean and fresh by restoring the taste and flavor of organic foods, and eliminating odor from them.

• Maintenance: This device has no serviceable or replaceable parts.

• Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer's warranty

Technology Used: Ozone disinfection technology

Dimension: 11 x 7 x 4.7 inches

Power Consumption: 10W


It may generate noise while in use.

4. Cirsum Ultrasonic Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner Machine

Cirsum Ultrasonic fruit and vegetable cleaner machine uses the ultrasonic cleaning process of formation of bubbles in a flowing liquid (water) called “cavitation effect” to effectively remove chemical and pesticide residues from the surfaces of vegetables and fruits. It has a beautiful design and a touchscreen control panel with four buttons for different functions: vegetables and fruits, tableware, clothes and jewelry.


• Efficiency: It cleans efficiently removing almost every harmful microorganism and diet at a tiny level using ultrasonic waves

• Ultra-Portable: Very convenient for regular travelers

• Elegant Design: Beautiful design with touchscreen control panel

• Eco-friendly: It uses less energy relative to other washing devices

• Noiseless: It is absolutely quiet when in use.


• Touch screen panel might go bad

• Consumes more power compared to Sonic Soak Cleaner Machine

Technology Used: Ultrasonic technology

Dimension: 7.4 x 4.1 x 3.5 Inches

Power Consumption: 60W

5. KENT Ozone Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner Machine

This device uses ozone technology to sanitize fruits and vegetables. It produces 200 milligrams of ozone per hour, hence you can effectively disinfect your organic foods between 15-30 minutes. Altair is costly, its efficiency and compact design complements its cost.


• Efficiency: It cleans your organic food effectively

• Design: Compact design that saves a space wherever it is mounted

• Noise level: It generates little or no noise

• Eco-friendly: It uses less energy compared to Cirsum Ultrasonic cleaner machine


• Relative to Prestige and Sonic Soak cleaner machines, it consumes more energy

Technology Used: Ozone technology

Dimension: 10.2 x 5.7 x 5.9 inches

Power Consumption: 13W

6. TIENS Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner

The products we commonly eat, such as vegetables and fruits, rice, meats, and seafood might been heavily polluted with pesticdes, fertilizer and other harmful substances alike. Although in short term they will not bring any sensible symptoms, in long term those substances may weaken our immune system, damage our health and even that of next generation. Newly decorated house might be filled up with formaldehyde and other harmful gases. Kitchen and dinnerware, children feeders and toys might be all breeding bacteria.

Facing these harms, having a healthy and safe life has bcome more of a concern to us.


• Kills bacteria and eliminates pesticides which are on vegetables, fruits and meat; improves their quality and flavour, extends the freshness of food.

• Purifies and oxygenates water thereby making it better absorbable for the body; bathing in ozonated water helps relieve skin conditions such as fungal infections

• purifies and disinfects air from bacteria, fungi and mites; sterilises dishes, bottles, towels and clothes.

• eliminates (not just masks!) organic and inorganic odours including cigarette smoke, fire and animal odours.

7. Daewoo fruit and vegetable washing machine

POSCO DAEWOO Corporation, formerly known as DAEWOO International Corporation, is the owner of the “DAEWOO” trademark in more than 160 countries worldwide. Since DAEWOO established in 1974, we have registered over 3,500 patents around the world and have been actively serving our customers with not only a renowned brand but also with top quality and innovated products.

Korea Daewoo Fruit and vegetable guards wall-mounted washing machine household vegetable washing machine automatic fruit and food purification machine

Product Features:

Deeply remove pesticide residues, quickly decompose hormones, and efficient sterilization


1. Unlimited container killing experience

2. Global hydroxyl purification technology

3. Multi-function full touch operation

4. No limit to ingredients, full coverage to kill

5. Portable, detachable, mobile structure

6. Intimate six-time timing function

8. Donlim Wireless capsule fruit and vegetable cleaning machine

Donlim is core brand of Xinbao holding at home and abroad . For china domestic market , Donlim use the  E-commerce channel like Taobao, Jingdong and Suning to develop the  brand business . For off-line market , TV –shopping, Gift promotion, Tea trading and Terminal-market are the major distribution channels to expand "Donlim" .

Donlim capsule fruit and vegetable washing machine is very hot selling in the international market.Dongling capsule fruit and vegetable washing machine use sterilization ingredients purifier.


• 360° turbine spray design. The forward and reverse rotations generate eddy currents and then perform a full range of cleaning.

• Patented intelligent dual-core vibrator efficient driving technology, 5 minutes to purify water, more energy efficient and fast.

• Built-in oxygen generator. Ultrasonic high pressure micro-spray flow, efficient, healthy pesticide degradation, removal of bacteria.

• Multi-function ozone purifier. It not only removes pesticide residues, but also purifies water, cleans meat and seafood, and disinfects tableware.

• Easy to operate. Easily handle all sizes of fruit, vegetables and meat, food and a variety of cutlery.



Considering how important it is to stay healthy by consuming foods that are clean and germ free, using the best fruit and vegetable cleaner machine that are eco-friendly to disinfect the fruits and vegetables we eat is critical. Like the cleaner machines listed in this article, the device must be able to hold the required amount of water and consume less energy when compared with other cleansing devices.For more about best top household mini ultrasonic ozone fruit and vegetable sterilizer disinfection cleaner machines that are eco friendly,you can pay a visit to Olansi China at https://www.olansichina.com/vegetable-fruit-sterilizer-cleaner-washer.html for more info.

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