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Olansi Hydrogen Inhalation Machine, Hydrogen Breathing Machine

Machine    Model: H300
Rated Power: 140W    
Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
Output pressure: 0.2MPah    
Available water: Pure water/Distilled water
Hydrogen flow: 300ml/min±5%    
Color: Golden,blue, white
Net weight: 3.5kg    
Product Size: 282X221X375mm

Why Olansi Hydrogen Inhalation Machine

Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd. is a premier high-tech healthy and environmental friendly factory for purifier.

Olansi has found ed in 2009, over 10 years’ experience OEM ODM, with an integrated research and development program. Our activities includes research, development, injection, assembling, sales and after sales. We are a pure source of quality solution of air purifier, water purifiers, hydrogen water maker and other heath care products. We have got 25 design patent. Now Olansi is one of China’s top 5 largest OEM purification products factories. We sell to over 20 countries and key markets and annual turnover is over $100 million.

The Benefits of Hydrogen

1. Prolong life
Studies have found that drinking hydrogen water for a long time will lead to longer life.

2. Whiten and remove freckle
Long-term breathing of hydrogen and drinking hy-drogen water can effectively improve skin elasticity reduce spots, and make skin brighter and more tender.

3. Improve immunity
Breathing hydrogen can effectively promote the synthesis of human fibroblast collagen, remove harmful free radicals, inhibit the death of keratinocytes, and improve human immunity.

4. Anti-oxidation
Long-term breathing of hydrogen can increase the body's antioxidants, thereby neutralising the malignant active oxygen in the body and helping to repair human cells.

5. Relieve Fatigue
Long-term breathing of hydrogen can promote metabolism and relieve fatigue.

6. Help sleep
Long-term breathing of hydrogen can relieve fatigue and help sleep.

Olansi Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Safety

You may be familiar with hydrogen water or have heard of hydrogen water generator. Although hydrogen water is absolutely a common way to consume hydrogen, using hydrogen inhaler to inhale hydrogen is another common transportation mechanism. Hydrogen is a powerful cell signaling molecule with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Inhaling hydrogen with hydrogen therapy machine can make this powerful molecule spread to your whole body quickly, and it is widely used to treat various health conditions.

Hydrogen inhalation has been shown to have many health benefits and has been shown to be generally safe in a large number of human and animal studies. In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the Gras (generally considered safe) state of hydrogen. In the 1940s, there was no report on the toxic effects of hydrogen consumption.

Hydrogen is all natural - in fact, we make up to 10 liters of hydrogen a day in the colon (actually bacteria in the gut). That's one of the reasons why hydrogen therapy is so effective - we've recognized it at the cellular level.

However, not all hydrogen absorption devices are equal. Is your hydrogen generator safe?

One of the things that really sets up the crucial reaction hydrogen absorber is our commitment to safety. 
Olansi is actually one of the largest hydrogen absorption equipment manufacturers in the world, and vital reaction is their only distributor in North America.
The olansy hydrogen inhaler has been carefully calibrated to maintain a relatively low hydrogen output. Our unit will produce 2-6% hydrogen, depending on the model. These machines have an internal sensor that keeps the hydrogen concentration below 10%.

10% is a very important threshold.

A recent study in the Journal of medical gas research shows that a hydrogen inhaler that produces more than 10% hydrogen has a serious explosion risk. Research shows that hydrogen with concentration more than 15% will explode, causing "serious injury" to users.

Research shows that more hydrogen is better than a certain point. For example, consuming 99% hydrogen and 5% hydrogen is not good. On the contrary, what matters is the dose frequency. It's better to use low percentage devices more frequently than high output devices.

Our clinical model peaked at tissue saturation in 30 minutes - once the tissue was saturated, adding more hydrogen would not do any good.

The real reason these companies sell high-yield hydrogen plants is that they are much cheaper to make. Many of them are actually refurbished welding equipment. no kidding. They just use respirators instead of igniters.

If you are purchasing one of these high output hydrogen devices for your home or clinic, please consult your insurance provider. These machines are dangerous and have a high risk of liability.

In addition, these high output hydrogen inhalers may suffocate due to lack of oxygen. If you're breathing 99% hydrogen, you're breathing less oxygen in the air. In contrast, the vital reaction hydrogen inhaler mixes the hydrogen used for inhalation with the surrounding air, so when using the vital reaction hydrogen inhaler, you can get 98% - 94% of the normal air, while in some other options, only 1% of the normal air.
Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Air Purifier, Hydrogen Water, Olansi Water Purifier etc healthcare products, more than 12 year experience since 2009 in Guangzhou, China. 60,000 m2 own injection mold factory, own filter factory, own mold factory, own assembling factory! 600 square meter professional laboratory, 30 engineers' R&D team. We are prfessional in ODM, OEM services! 3,000 pcs per day of production capacity! 100% Aging test for mass production! CE, CB, RoHs, SASO, CQC, CCC approval & ISO 9001:2008 certificate!

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