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Top 5 Best Fruit and Vegetable Sterilizer Cleaner Washer Machines In India– Review And Buying Guide

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Top 5 Best Fruit and Vegetable Sterilizer Cleaner Washer Machines In India– Review And Buying Guide

Top 5 Best Fruit and Vegetable Sterilizer Cleaner Washer Machines In India– Review And Buying Guide

Fruits and vegetables are very nourishing, and both are important food commodities that contain minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber necessary for human well-being. They are perishable. However, the fruits and vegetables sold in most grocery stores or by local vendors (even in India) have been reported to be treated with pesticides and chemicals that are harmful to our health.

Washing these fruits and vegetables with water cannot completely remove all the harmful chemicals, dirt, and bacteria. Nevertheless, these fresh fruits and vegetables have some traceable amount of synthetic pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers that can cause various health problems; hence the need to use any of the best fruit and vegetable cleaner machine reviewed in this article to sanitize the fruits and vegetables before eating.

Pesticides (fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides) are used in farms to control weeds, insect diseases, and infections. Chemicals such as oxytocin and calcium carbide or ethephon (a pesticide) are allegedly applied respectively in commercial farms to make vegetables and fruits look bigger, and ripen quickly.


Considering the effects of pesticides and these chemicals on human wellness and various types of fruits and vegetables cleaner machines in India, how will one know the best fruit and vegetable cleaner machine to buy? This article reviews and provides a buying guide for the best fruit and vegetable cleaner machine presently available in India. First of all, let us consider what a fruit and vegetable cleaner machine is and how it operates.

What is a Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner Machine?

A fruit and vegetable cleaner machine are a device that combine different technologies to remove pesticides and harmful bacteria from fruits and vegetables. It uses Ozone Purification Technology to produce ozone (a green and naturally powerful disinfecting agent) to disinfect and purify organic foods efficiently. This technology destroys fungi, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that contaminate the surfaces of fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, or water.

The device produces ozone with the help of oxygen in the atmosphere to remove harmful contaminations on the surface of fruits and vegetables. Residual chemicals on the surface of fruits and vegetables are oxidized. The device is economically and environmentally beneficial.

Below are the five (5) best fruit and vegetable cleaner machine you can buy in the Indian market:

1. Prestige Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner (Ozonizer)-POZ 1.0

This device eliminates residual chemicals-pesticides and various synthetic chemicals applied to organic foods. It uses Ozone Purification Technology, a technology known for eliminating residues of harmful pesticides without losing the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables. The electricity of high voltage produced by this device destroys the microorganisms.

Key Features

• Destroys harmful microorganisms and eliminates residual insecticides and pesticides on surfaces of organic foods.

• The nutritional value, taste, and flavour of fruits and vegetables are not affected during the purification process.

• It keeps sanitized meats and seafood fresh and odorless.

Buying Guide


• Disinfect fruits and vegetables using Ozone Purification Technology

• Compact Design

• Timer function (10-30 minutes)

• Little or no maintenance required

• 1-Year warranty


• Increase in energy bills as the device requires electricity to operate efficiently.

• Noise is generated when the device is operated.

2. KENT Ozone Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner Machine

KENT Ozone fruit and vegetable cleaner sanitize fruits and vegetables by exposing the fruits and vegetables to a violent and sudden gust of ozone molecules generated at 200mg per hour in the device. The ozone molecules in the process get attached to the residues of the toxic chemicals and harmful microorganisms on the surface of the fruits and vegetables.

Key Features

• It is affordable and mostly preferred

• Wall-mounted and easily operated

• Removes all contaminations through the oxidation of ozone generated in the device

• Timer function (15-30 minutes)

Buying Guide


• Simple and modern design

• Design is simple as well as modern

• 1-Year Manufacturer warranty

• Light indicator and a timer switch for controlling the disinfection process.


• Rise in energy bill as a result of electrical power used in operating the device

• Efficiency is reduced compared with other cleaner machines

• Procedures for handling seafood and meat is not indicated

3. Automatic EPS Ozone Fruit and Vegetable cleaner machine with Touch Screen.

Integrating a touchscreen in this device makes it unique. The touchscreen controls the settings of the timer during the disinfection process.

Key Features:

• Conveniently designed for ease of operation and maintenance.

• Its compact design makes it portable

• Uses ozone disinfection technology

• Timer functionality (5-30minutes)

• Touchscreen for timer and other settings

Buying Guide


• Cost is affordable

• Zero or little maintenance required

• Compact design with touchscreen

• Easily operated


• Warranty not available

4. ARG Ozonizer Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner Machine with Air Purifier

This device is manually operated. It is cheaper than all the fruit and vegetable cleaner machine mentioned above. It is easily operated and maintained even though its design is simpler when compared to other disinfection devices earlier discussed.

In addition, it can be used for the purification of air and water. What a complete package! It is eco-friendly and consumes less amount of energy.

Key Features

• It is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

• Timer function that is manually operated via a knob

• Design is simple

• It can be utilized as a water and air purifier also

Buying Guide


• Relatively cheaper price

• Ability to purify water and air also


• The product has no warranty

• The design aesthetic is not pleasing

5. Greenway Ozone Maker Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner Machine with Air Purifier and Sanitizer

This device is multi-functional. In addition to being used as a fruit and vegetable cleaner machine, the device is used for air purification: to remove the offensive smell from refrigerators and rooms. It is also used to disinfect fish, chicken, and various meat products.

Key Features

• Appliance with multi-functionality

• Strong and made of ABS plastics

• 1-Year warranty

• Preserve vegetables and fruits much longer

• Relatively low power consumption

Buying Guide


• Strong and tough design

• Useful for sterilizing kitchen cloths and sponges.

• Price is affordable

• Manufacturer warranty of one year


• The design aesthetic is not pleasing



Consuming healthy fruits and vegetables protects us from the harmful effects of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxic chemicals. Purchasing one of the best fruit and vegetable cleaner machines reviewed in this article with key features and a buyer's guide will significantly improve our wellness.For more about top 5 best fruit and vegetable sterilizer cleaner washer machines in india– review and buying guide,you can pay a visit to Olansi China at https://www.olansichina.com/olansi-home-smart-fruits-washer-meat-sterilizer-food-cleaning-machine-portable-household-fruit-and-vegetable-purifier.html for more info.

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