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Top 6 Air Purifier for reducing the VOCs

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Top 6 Air Purifier for reducing the VOCs

The best way to reduce indoor VOC level is ventilation and source control. When these options are limited or you have multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), you can use air purifiers with active gas and odor control techniques. We have studied and compiled a list of seven best VOCs air purifiers in enclosed space.

We also include a list of VOC air purifiers to simplify your selection process.

Here we go.

What are volatile organic compounds?

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are released into the air in the form of gases and steam from paint, perfume, air fresheners, cleaning products, furniture or smoking, cooking or burning wood.

The most common volatile organic compounds are formaldehyde, toluene, benzene and ethylene glycol. Long term exposure to VOCs can cause many health problems, including the risk of cancer.

VOC filtration technology:

Technologies for controlling volatile organic compounds, odors and gases in the air include:

  • Chemical adsorption (activated carbon is commonly used as adsorption material),

  • Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO),

  • Plasma, and

  • Ozone generator.

Chemical adsorption is a common method of portable air purifier.

VOC air purifier list:

Here's a list you can follow:

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✓ A thick layer of activated carbon or adsorption medium

The amount of adsorbed material in gas and odor filters is directly proportional to the control effect of VOCs. Only those with more activated carbon or other adsorption materials are selected. The common adsorption materials are as follows:

  • Activated carbon

  • Activated alumina

  • zeolite

  • potassium iodide

  • Soil mineral

Only granular or granular adsorption media filter can be selected. Avoid the use of impregnated thin activated carbon plate filters, which are less efficient.

✓ Avoid using ozone generator

Ozonators are very effective in neutralizing volatile organic compounds and chemicals in the air. But these are not suitable for living space.

In addition, avoid filtering other electronic VOCs, such as PCBs or plasma. If you have asthma or respiratory problems, they work slowly and produce ozone, which is not appropriate.

If the purifier has some electronic add-on, make sure it is carbohydrate approved.

✓ Built in VOC sensor

For your convenience, you can choose an air purifier with built-in VOC sensor. It will automatically adjust the fan speed according to the indoor VOCs level. However, this feature is not common in consumer air purifiers. You can always get a TVOC and formaldehyde sensor to monitor the concentration of VOCs in your home in real time.

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