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Best Selling Top 10 Home Hepa Air Purifier Manufacturers Made In China

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Best Selling Top 10 Home Hepa Air Purifier Manufacturers Made In China

Best Selling Top 10 Home Hepa Air Purifier Manufacturers Made In China

There are numerous air purifier brands in China at the moment. This means you need to really dig deep in order to find one that can meet all of your needs. The truth is that even the best air purifier supplier cannot address your problems when you cannot identify your needs. The major aim of this post is to help you out today. It will be revealing some of the best air purifiers in China. Read the details below and choose any one of them. 

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BlueAir 7740i

BlueAir is a reliable China air purifier that can make a huge difference in your space. If you really want to experience clean air, this is a great option to choose. One of the major benefits of using this device is that it can consume very low amount of energy. This means more clean air, less energy and noise in your space. Below are some of its features: 

• It can clean a room that measures around 62.5sqft every 13minutes

• It generates 10% lower noise as compared to normal filters 

• It can get rid of smoke, dust, germs, pollens and more 

• It has air quality indicator

• And more

Xiaomi air purifier pro

This air purifier manufacturer is worth mentioning amongst some of the best in China at the moment. It has created an indelible impression on many people over the years with some out-of-this-world features. It also gets rid of toxic gases as well as particulate matters. This has been made possible due to its advanced filters. Some of its outstanding features are: 

• CADR of 600m3 and 220m3 per hour for particulate substances as well as toxic gases respectively

• It comes with an app for smooth operation 

• Can clean large spaces 

• High filter efficiency 

• It has an OELD screen which displays humidity, temperature, and PM levels

MedicFilter air purifier (800 Power Tower)

This air purifier manufacturer may not be as popular as those mentioned above but its products have been very good over the years. In case you have a low budget and still want a reliable air purifier supplier, MedicFilter ticks all of the boxes. It is perfect for large spaces like offices, schools, restaurants, hotels and others. This is an effective device that can clean a space of 120sqm within minutes. Below are its features: 

• It has 2 stages of filtration for proper cleaning 

• It has advanced sensors for monitoring your VOC levels

• 800 m3/h (Particulate Matter)

• 378 m3/h (Formaldehyde)

• It comes with an indicator for filter replacement

• And others  

Philips 2000 air purifier 

Philips 2000 is the dream of everyone that wishes to breathe clean air on 24/7 basis. Many people believe that this brand is not in China but they are wrong. This is because it has an air purifier factory in China. This brand has been able to revolutionize how modern air purifying devices should work. Some of the features will be highlighted below:  

• Auto detection of allergen levels in your space 

• Great for medium or large spaces 

• It comes with an app that enables you monitor indoor air quality

• It has true HEPA filter for removal of harmful particles

• And more

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier (KC-850U)

It will be very unfair not to mention Sharp air purifying device as one of the best in China. Over the years, it has been able to set up an air purifier factory in various countries around the world. The most amazing aspect about this brand is that it comes with some amazing features you will hardly find in a conventional air purifying device. For instance, its humidifying feature can bring additional benefits to any space.  Some of its features are: 

• It produces less amount of ozone as compared to other devices

• 3 stages of filtration: prefilters – activated carbon – true HEPA filter

• It has an in-built smart sensor to detect harmful particles in your air 

• Highly durable HEPA filters

• It comes with different cleaning modes for your convenience 

• It generates low noise

• And more

Phillips 5000 air purifier

If Phillips 2000 which has been mentioned above was very good, this one is even better. Phillips is one air purifier supplier that does not disappoint. If you have an extra-large space, this one will definitely help out. This device can give you double of what most air purifiers in the market offer. For instance, it has double sensors to detect gases and particles. Some other features are: 

• Automatic air quality detector 

• You can check air quality with the click of few buttons via its app 

• It comes with double True HEPA filters for effective removal of harmful particles

• And more  

Xiaomi Smartmi air purifier 

This is a wall-mounted device that brings ultimate comfort. One of the advantages of this one is that its filtration process is quite effective. Unlike others that you will position on the floor, this needs to be mounted on your wall to save space. With its usage, you will not need to bother about having your room ventilated. This air purifier supplier is tested and proven to deliver. 


Baomi Air Purifier

Expect nothing but the best in terms of functionalities and features when it comes to Baomi air purifying device. This air purifier manufacturer has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that it can deliver like other popular brands. Baomi Air Purifier is effective in removal of formaldehyde, smoke, allergens, dust, and other harmful particles. Its features are: 

• 99.97% removal of dust, viruses, germs, bacteria and other particles

• It is very effective in small spaces

• Efficient and automatic cleaning for your comfort

• Low power consumption 

• And more

LG PuriCare™ AS95GDWT0

This is another China air purifier that is actually worth mentioning amongst the best. This is because LG is one of the biggest names in the world of electronics. Its LG AS95GDWT0 is a proof of such fact. This device may look simple but such does not affect its efficiency. One of the reasons for this is its 3600 design. This ensures that from one spot, harmful particles in the air can be removed. Other features are: 

• It comes with a 700 rotator for supply of clean air in your space 

• 3600 purification process

• Can remove any type of dust (including ultra-fine dust)

• It has a filter for harmful and toxic gas 

• It comes with clean display feature 

• Effective odor sensor 

• And more 

Olansi air purifier 

Olansi air purifier has succeeded in winning the heart of many people in China. This is because of its highly amazing and impressive features. It is one air purifier supplier you can always rely on when it comes to cleaning your air thoroughly without any complaint. It has different stages of purification processes to make this happen. Also, its air purifier factory is one of the best in China. You will definitely get good value for money by using this device. Some of its features are 

• Automatic monitoring of clean air 

• Different stages of air purification 

• 99.97 removal of harmful substances

• Moderate noise generation 

• Perfect for small, medium and large spaces 

• And more

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Based on the above, you can see that there are various top air purifiers in China. The products listed above have been tested to deliver in homes and offices. Therefore, feel free to choose any one of them as they will definitely offer you good value for money.For more about best selling top 10 home hepa air purifier manufacturers made in china,you can pay a visit to Olansi China at https://www.olansichina.com/oem-odm.html for more info.

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