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What Are The Important Components Of An Air Purifier?

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What Are The Important Components Of An Air Purifier?

What Are The Important Components Of An Air Purifier?

When it comes to what a China air purifier can do, most people are already aware. As a matter of fact, they understand how to get the best from such appliance without hassle. However, they seem to be lagging behind in one area. This is having knowledge about the components of air purifiers. The truth is that in order to get the best from them, it is important you understand how they have been designed. This will enable you know how they can function once installed in various spaces. 

Are you wondering what the components of an Olansi air purifier will be like? In case you do not know, there are different components that these appliances are made with. These are very important when it comes to how they can function while being used. If you lack knowledge about such components/parts, you will definitely struggle to purchase the right one for your space. 

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Here is the solution

There is no need trying to rack your brains anymore. This is because you have come to the right place where everything about the components of a China air purifier will be revealed. Before any air purifier manufacturer or air purifier factory, it is highly recommended to read the details below. 

What you should know 

Before talking about the various components of Olansi air purifier, there are some facts that you need to understand. Generally speaking, air purifiers are of various types. These could be HEPA technology, Negative Ion, activated carbon technology, Ozone and UV technology. Each of these air purifiers has different features and functionalities. In other words, they have been created to carry out different functions when being put to use. 

Based on the above stated fact, it is quite obvious that air purifiers are created differently. This means they come with different components. However, every air purifier that has been manufactured to have some similar components. Regardless of what they have been created for, they must have these components. The details below will be explaining some of such components. 

Key points to note 

• There are 5 different types of air purifiers with each carrying out its unique functions

• Every air purifier has some similar components

• If you can know the various components, such will enable you understand the performance of a China air purifier


Filter is a very crucial component in all the air purifiers you will come across in the market. The only thing is that they usually work in different and unique principles while attempting to clean the air in your space. For instance, the filter in an air purifier with HEPA technology works differently from the one which functions in activated carbon technology. Just as it sounds, a filter is meant to capture particles that are in your home. These could be pet hair, fiber in your clothes, dust and others. 

It is generally called HEPA filters. HEPA is simply an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air. Its function is to capture particles in the air. Some of these particles can be seen while others cannot. One thing you need to understand about filters is that they tend to always vary in terms of performances. For example, some are very effective when it comes to capturing harmful particles in the air. On the other hand, there are some which are not too effective. 

How to know good air filters 

• Check for its MERV rating. With this, you will know what kind of particles are removed

• The quality of its fiber material is crucial

• The tightness of its weave is also crucial

Basically, air purifiers with more filter media are much better in terms of performance. Avoid filters that are likely to clog faster. This is because their performance will drop in no time. Before contacting any air purifier factory or air purifier manufacturer, it is important you know this fact. 

The fan

This is another important component of a China air purifier. Before trying to patronize any air purifier supplier, ensure to ask the right questions about its fan. This is because it can also play a crucial role in determining how such appliance will perform when positioned in any space for air purification. It is the fan which is responsible for pulling of air through your Olansi air purifier. Most of the time, an air purifier manufacturer will purchase the fan from another electronics company. Such should not bother you in any way. The major component of a fan are motor, and blade. For air to be pulled, the blade has to work perfectly. 

Key points 

• Avoid air purifiers with small fans especially when your space is large 

• Always ask an air purifier supplier to explain more about the fan 

Electrostatic precipitators

When Olansi air purifier is being mentioned, the first thing that comes to the mind of most people is that such cleaning happens in a manual way. The truth is that an air purifier works in the most automated way. As you switch on the button, it begins the process of purifying the air in your home. There is one major component which is responsible for such automatic process - Electrostatic precipitators. 

This component is usually assembled manually by an air purifier manufacturer. It comes with a motor. There is nothing actually technical about Electrostatic precipitators. The only thing to note is that they are majorly responsible for such appliances working automatically and removing harmful particles from the air. If you need to know more about how they work, it is recommended to contact any air purifier factory. You can always bet that a genuine air purifier supplier will be willing to explain everything about such component. 

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Having seen the above details about components of an Olansi air purifier, there is every reason to believe that you have properly understood how these appliances function. Please note that there are different air purifiers. Therefore, each of them have their own specific functions to carry out. This is very important to ensure you get good value for money.

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